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Trump-and-HitlerThe Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald| Publisher, LGBT-Today

In any Presidential election cycle, there is contention and anguish on the part of those who stand for progressives and those who stand as regressives. But make no mistake about this election, because it has become more than simply a “right or left” candidate issue. Donald Trump wants to take this nation down the same path that Germany once walked.

I know many of you don’t know history or what exactly the war with Germany during World War II actually meant. You’ve been robbed of a decent education—something that the right-wing have engineered in ever increasing ways throughout the last 36 years, so try and keep up with me here because your life literally depends on what you’re reading right now.

When the German leader, Kaiser Wilhelm, lost World War I in 1918, Germany received no financial assistance in order to recover from the conflict. I know because my maternal grandfather, Lorenz Kerschbaum, fought for the Kaiser during that war.

The resulting economic depression in Germany forced many of its citizens to immigrate to other nations, like the United States. My grandfather came through a famous port of entry: Ellis Island, New York. Those who stayed in Germany were forced into a life where they couldn’t afford to pay for electricity so they lived without it. When food supplies ran short, the wives, mothers and grandparents made up whole new ways of cooking the only food they seemed to have in abundance; potatoes. Trust me; that isn’t a healthy diet for anyone to maintain for very long.

In the 1920s-1930s, there was no TV, no video games, so you had only a few ways to share your leisure time. You could listen to a crude, tube powered radio that took beer-hall-putsch-1923-arrival-of-putschists-from-pfaffenhofen-buergerbraeukeller-DB3MPF3 minutes to warm-up before you could listen, you could read (not a bad way to spend an evening in today’s world—but few will do it because of a 5 second attention span), or you could go to an outside beer tavern, known in German as a “Biergarten,” or translated, “Beer Garden.” These weren’t much different from today’s corner bar, where you can sit and talk with friends, pick-up girls, or get blind, stinking drunk. The major difference was that each beer garden had their own brewing method (usually in a cellar under the house where the owners lived and worked) and they featured a live band playing German oom-pah bands that consisted mostly of clarinets, trumpets, a tuba and an accordion player.

While this sort of lifestyle was much easier than it is today—there was no pressure beyond growing your crops or your own food supply, or working your job—these Biergartens served Adolph Hitler and his minions as a platform for their own particular brand of propaganda. This is known as the age of the beer hall putschwith the German word “putsch” meaning “coup” in English. The 1972 movie, Cabaret, with Liza Minelli, showed an excellent example of this brand of propaganda in this clip:

As you can readily see, you get some blonde-haired, pretty-boy (known as Hitler Jugen—or “Hitler youth”) to start singing an inspirational song and the German people join in because they honestly believed that “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.” If you look at one point where people begin to stand-up and sing, there’s one old German man who sits there and he isn’t having any of that.

In reality, most of these beer coups were done by some inspirational speaker that used grandiose diatribe to capture the attention and if someone didn’t like what was being said, there were huge men with loads of muscle who would break most of the major bones in your body.

When you combine inspirational speakers who blame others for all the trouble the German people were having just trying to survive, the brown-shirts who—shall we say “brute force—to all the dissenters, you have a movement with a dangerous and selfish intent and loads of political power. Let’s face it; a policy of blame, hatred, xenophobia and sexism (Hitler assigned “God’s duty” for women to remain barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, it seems like a common sense philosophy—at least it did in this historical era).

FYk2TXFrgBv Se68u3rV6HsH0niOiJh95omIUK7iuiQNow Donald Trump and these newly crowned “alt-right” folks are essentially doing the exact same thing Hitler and his minions (and no; these were cute little yellow screw-ups like the animated characters) did from 1922-1945 and millions died in extermination camps, that murdered Jews, Jehovah’s Witness, gypsies, black people, gender dysphoric people, gay men, lesbians and anyone who opposed a one-dimensional dictatorship.

Will a Donald Trump Presidency be any better than Hitler? Decidedly, no.

Trump wants to further marginalize minorities—particularly those of Latino background. He wants America to drop out of NATO, giving him control of the singularly most deadly military in the history of the world. He wants to force the LGBTQ community back into the closet—a pretty good trick considering that many of us are now married on public documents that will undoubtedly be used by alt-righters to murder every person who was brazen enough to take advantage of the SCOTUS decision to make marriage equal across gender barriers.

The very name “alt-right” not only sounds like a Windows 10 computer command, but it’s a lie. Those who have these extreme right views are nothing more than Nazis and I wish to point out to all those I’ve known in my life that when Ronald Reagan was elected President, I predicted to every single one of you traitors that the end result of a surge to the right would lead to another regime under some future version of Hitler. I saw all the left-wing friends I had turn, one by one, into Reaganites in the 1980s. I was once told directly to my face; “If you ever want to be successful in your career, then you’d better start supporting right-wing politics.” Not only did I refuse, but unfortunately, I’ve lived to see the rise of yet another dictator who will now wave our red- white and blue as their own banner. It’s hardly surprising, but I’d hoped we’d never get to that point. I was wrong.

Now, at 60 years-old, I’m ashamed of my nation. Yes, so ashamed that if I could afford to ex-patriate, I’d be out of here faster than you could say “Marseilles, France.” The problem is that I’m disabled, so is my wife, and of the worst places in the world to be stuck, we’re in Florida where the vast majority of alt-righters gather every Saturday night to burn crosses. It’s been that way since I was very young, but now there’s more of it than ever before. I have a “Proud White Man” card-carrying Naz00-cold-dead-hands-meme 1i living in my neighborhood who owns a room full of automatic weapons, hand-grenades, shoulder launched rocket mortars and enough ammunition to start his own Latin American revolution. I tried to report it to the FBI, but they said that they couldn’t do anything about it unless he actually used those weapons on someone and everyone wonders why there are now more murderers running around loose and shooting up schools, movie theaters and shopping malls than ever before. They still haven’t been able to locate the person who killed 5 people at a Washington mall.

When it came to all the people who’ve performed these heinous acts, the local police and FBI knew about these people for years. The worst domestic murder in history happened practically at my back door. The police knew about the guy and his father for more than 10 years. They did nothing, but who really cares these days? They’re planning to kill the LGBTQ community anyway when they seize power—either through election or revolution.

I thought that since our fathers and grandfathers fought in World War II against the Nazis that we’d never have to face that issue again. How naïve I’ve been. Nazis never went away; they just found a new tactic to gain power.

As a friend of mine recently reminded (he’s not American) me; this nation was built upon the pillars of hatred and it will die lashed to those same pillars. Our forefathers were slave owners and now the alt-righters want to bring that institution back to America.

To make matters worse, we now have people like a certain person (I won’t mention his name because he’ll just send his attack dogs to hack my website and denigrate me) who was recently featured in an Out magazine article that brought the legitimate LGBTQ press down on the editor of that publication for making light of a person who has brought untold damage to lesbians and transgender people for years. This slime-ball is sexist, racist and transphobic and the worst part of all this is that he’d gay.

All this begs the singular statement that everyone in this country is miserable. Everyone in the LGBTQ community is turning on each other and everyone is turning against minorities. Xenophobia is running rampant and what are you doing to combat this? Did you have a good time at the bar last night? Do you bother to actually read facts about people like Donald Trump that extend beyond the headline of some article you really don’t want to read about because that would be “negative.”

Negative is a word I’ve heard used as a sledge-hammer lately and quite frankly, I think all those people who aren't "negative"  are just trying to ignore the fact that our nation lays in ruins around us and it all began with the GOP. No one disputes this. They simply choose not to think about just how bad things are or their friends will call them “negative,” too.

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