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9qkCbSjThe Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald| Publisher, LGBT-Today

Last night’s debate showed Donald Trump’s true self in spades. Although many conservative publications both on and off the internet say he won the debate, it amounted to little more than showing Trump for the petty dictator he will become if he’s elected.

But what’s really behind Trump and his supporters? To answer that question, a little history lesson about what this nation was all about before the GOP takeover in trump supporters1980 when the former Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, unleashed a horrific firestorm of controversy over the person who was perhaps the best President we’ve had since Franklin Roosevelt. This perspective is that of the 60 year-old woman that I am.

Prior to Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter’s (2002 Nobel Peace Prize Award) biggest priority was putting Americans back to work during one of the worst and most lasting recessions he inherited from Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford ( the only man to hold the office of President who was never elected nor ran for Vice President under the GOP ticket). Carter formed a program called the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, or C.E.T.A. One of Ronald Reagan’s first act was to abolish, by executive order, this program and immediately plunged 5.9 million people onto the unemployment lines. Then Reagan started enacting restrictions on the length of unemployment insurance—something every American paid-in so that they could recover from being laid-off (a new term that became popular during the collapse of defense and aerospace companies who suffered as a result of the end of the carter postcardVietnam War and the end of the Apollo moon landing program. I was in college at that time and I can tell you that jobs here on the Space Coast of Florida were as scarce and precious as gold back then.

African American families had depended on the U.S. Government to help them through rough patches like the 1970s. Reagan hacked their welfare and food stamps program and left inner city families to the wolves with no training for job skills and no hope of being able to afford college or a trade school, because Reagan hacked the grant programs that made it possible to afford education.

Trump and Clinton touched another wonderful revelation from the much revered “Age of Reagan” last night at the debates. It’s called “Trickle-down Economics.” Pissed on would be a more apt name for it. The theory was that if the government invested in the future of companies doing business and reduced or removed laws that governed Wall Street traders that the economy would boom. Well, he was right—at least for a while.

Wall Street sprung forth with a plan to buy vulnerable companies when they were at their weakest by buying as much of their stocks as possible and then purposely devaluing the company so that these raiders could buy a whole company for pennies on the dollar and then strip the divisions of these companies and sell them off to China. By the time Reagan left office, we had plunged into an unemployment nightmare seldom seen since the Great Depression that sprung from a similar GOP plan in the 1920s that caused the stock market to crash in 1928. Perhaps some of you remember stories your grandparents or great-Bush2grandparents told of that depression and how Franklin Roosevelt brought us back from it.

Although George H. W. Bush managed to momentarily divert attention from this economic crisis with the first Gulf War, his issues with failing to recover the economy and the fact that at the end of “Hundred Days War” he left Saddam Hussein in power, Bush the 1st became a one-hit wonder and lost re-election to President Bill Clinton.

During Clinton’s term as President, he not only balanced the budget, but produced a budget surplus of hundreds of trillion dollars. While I didn’t much care for the NAFTA agreement myself, he was boxed into a corner by the first all-GOP Congress since the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s that produced an overall bad taste in the mouth of honest and decent Americans who saw Minnesota Senator Joseph McCarthy reign terror down on ordinary people simply for a political belief that socialism or communism might not be as bad as the GOP was saying. I encourage all my readers to look up the facts of the House Un-American Activities Committee and this very dark passage of modern American history.

Secretary Hillary Clinton, when she was First Lady, proposed a National Health Insurance plan that would be single-payer, like those they have in just about every other nation on earth. This plan would have placed limits on what the big pharmaceutical companies were gouging Americans over. This plan would have made medical care available to every citizen as a tax charge. Hillary was laughed out of the chamber.

Bill Clinton tried to end discrimination against the LGBT community serving in the U.S. military. He was sabotaged by his own party and forced into a compromise that was the odorous bill called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which made the compromise that as long as a gay or lesbian didn’t do anything overt that proclaimed how gay they were, the military didn’t ask them. That turned into a debacle when President George W. Bush took office and basically gutted DADT in another executive order, turning thousands of LGBT people out of the military with a less than honorable discharge.

downloadNow that we’ve visited the age since Reagan, let’s take a look at the real menace who started this downturn of democracy and caring about each of the citizens who pay taxes, work and try to raise a family: President Richard Nixon.

Nixon was rumored to have once said, “I’ll make this country so conservative that no one will recognize it anymore!” So he did. He fired civil service workers, reduced their pensions and instead of lean, easy to deal with government employees, what we got were overseas call centers with people who spoke pigeon-English.

So when Donald Trump rails against the lost jobs, the soured economy and all the ills this nation has, he’s actually eviscerating his own GOP.

And the worst part of all this is that there are people who actually believe this man.

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