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Stephanie Donald| Publisher, LGBT-Today

The Trump campaign must be gearing-up for their own version of “Trump Youth,” since they placed a 12 year-old as co-chairman of his election campaign in the swing county of Jefferson, Colorado.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed youth notes “I’m 12 ½,” to the Guardian. The young man’s name is Weston Imer and he’s blonde, blue-eyed and delivers both speech and song with professional and polished mannerisms.

Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, ran this story on August 23, 2016. She noted that the Clinton campaign has ceased running ads in Colorado because leading polls show Donald-Trump-Weston-Imer-US-president-election-Hillary-Clinton-702887that she’s leading by double-digits. She notes that the Trump campaign can’t afford to ignore that lead and is hammering their message with renewed vigor.

On September 24, 2016, I ran an editorial that featured a key scene from the 1972 Academy Award™ winning motion picture, Cabaret. The scene comes in the middle of the movie when two key characters are enjoying a glass of wine at a country Biergarten (translation from German: Beer Garden), when a Hitlerjugen (translation: Hitler Youth) begins singing the inspirational song, “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.” Here is the clip from the movie:

Here’s is young Weston Imer’s take on that scene:

Would someone please tell me that these two scenes are not different…? How?

Trump’s father was a Hitler supporter even as World War II raged on, depleting national resources, putting women in a workplace environment where they were the backbone of the war manufacturing for their husbands and boyfriends overseas.

Trump is blonde-haired and blue-eyed and Weston Imer is a young carbon copy of The Donald at the same age. Are we talking about some secret cloning program going on here?

Either way, this underhanded attempt by Trump’s campaign to exploit this young man is heinous. How can anyone see this kid and not see that Trump recruited this young man to play on the “Awww” factor on people everywhere?

Trump cloneIs this a Trump clone? Weston Imer (left) and Donald Trump (right), at about the same age as Imer is now. (Source: Facebook & Wikipedia)This is obviously a blatant attempt by the Trump campaign to capitalize and exploit a young man who is clearly too young to make political decisions of this magnitude. In one video interview, young Weston says that kids used to bully him at school.

Well, young Master Imer; the truth is that Donald Trump is still bullying people everywhere, so if you read this, please seek professional help immediately before they start trotting you out on cue to sing “America the Beautiful” at the corner pub. Looking seriously at this kid reminds me of watching The Hobbit.

At this point my only possible question is: WTF?

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