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Trump Has No ClueThe Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald| Publisher, LGBT-Today

The GOP is scattering to winds as this is being written, trying just to save their majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It’s likely they will fail and cause the Republican Party, as we’ve known it since the 1920s, to implode in on itself.

The revelation of the video portraying Donald Trump, in his own narration, to be a sexual predator who believes himself to be irresistible to women because of his power and wealth, the citizens of the United States, women, minorities and all religions are united in their goal of driving a stake through Trump's heart..


If you haven't seen the controversial video, it's definitely worth a look-see.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, is living his worst nightmare right now as he sees the political fallout from the RNC nominating such a crassc scalefl progressiveq 80w 800 and vulgar man for President. All Ryan is interested in, according to the Washington Post, in an article entitled The GOP tumbles toward anarchy: ‘It’s every person for himself or herself’., is fighting to maintain a GOP majority in the House of Representatives and he's losing miserably.

According to various polls, the GOP is not only facing a historic loss in the presidential race, but the domino effect is changing the chance that it will still dominate the House and Senate in November.

The bail-out of Trump supporters is completely the blame of a lame and stupid man who thought himself a king, but was actually the court jester. Now it’s time for a little bit of karmatic payback for 45 years of low-life politicians who put our democracy up on the auction block, killed the wonderful services the government once provided for all citizens and thumbed their noses in the face of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

This began with Richard Nixon in 1947 when, as a junior Senator from California, burned down the life of a little civil servant named Alger Hiss and opened the door for another junior Senator from Wisconsin by the name of Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy went on to chair the House Un-American Activities Committee where he and little, Miserable self-hating cockroach Roy CohnMiserable self-hating cockroach Roy Cohnself-hating queen by the name of Roy Cohn (as his lead council) ruined hundreds of decent people's lives with accusations and assumptions that just because you're gay, you also are a communist..

All evil sprang forth upon the world with the rise of Richard Nixon. He was ruthless, referred to himself in the third person—a sure sign of psychiatric disorders such as megalomania and an ‘above the law’ attitude—used government money and resources to proceed with a White House policy that his staff knew about these operations of contracted espionage and coined the term “rat fucking,” such as the stolen psychiatric records of Sam Eagleton when he was named as McCarthy’s Vice President in 1971 and finally, in the grandest of self-explosions,  he ordered these covert espionage contractors to break-in to the Democratic National Headquarter at the Watergate Office Building in 1971. Nixon was a mentally disturbed individual who once, according to his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, in 1968 during a drunken tirade, called an emergency staff meeting to order the nuclear bombing of Hanoi in North Vietnam. Luckily, Kissinger managed to calm the president and get him to rethink his strategy.

We are forever grateful for the Senate and House for holding hearings on the Watergate Scandel that brought us into what is known as a “constitutional crisis,” where impeachment articles were introduced to remove Nixon from office forcibly. Nixon’s Chief of Staff, former General Alexander Haig, put forth the option to use the military to seize the United States in a coup. Luckily, Nixon was stupid, but not that stupid. He resigned quietly and was pardoned by President Gerald Ford. That pardon cost Ford a re-election in 1976 against Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter served as a one-term President, due to a well-run Republican nominee, Ronald Reagan, who invented trickle-down economics, which was a term invented by the American political satirist Will Rogers. The punchline to his joke and the bottom line for America: “Trickle-down” equals “urinated upon.” These policies began the years of the Wall Street Wolves, who acted with selfish motives to buy and disassemble major corporations that supplied the infrastructure of our country. Decorum prevents me from boring you with the list of names of people who did this heinous act upon their own nation to make a buck, but one of those people was Ronnie Ray-guns"Look, mommy! I picked my nose and found this!"Donald J. Trump.

When George H. W. Bush was elected president in 1988, the economy of the nation was falling into shambles. He attempted to distract Americans by waging the first Gulf War with Iraq over their taking the Araba regime known as Kuwait to add their oil into Iraq’s existing oil exports and make Iraq a powerful and deadly nation.

How do we know he did this? It’s easy, as the old joke goes—we still had the receipt for the germ warfare, chemical warfare and weapons the United States gave Hussein to fight Iran. This came about because Iran pissed-off the United States by taking hostages after a religious coup against the Shah of Iran, a puppet dictator installed by the U.S. CIA and installed him as Shah in the 1950s. Two-time Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was the person who negotiated the arming of the Red Guard with these dangerous and stupid weapons of mass destruction.

After we beat Hussein and his Red Guard in the first Gulf War, we made sure we took back all those weapons through constant checks by the United Nations. By 2000, the U.N. had said all those weapons were accounted for and destroyed to free-up money being held in foreign imageFirst Lady Hillary Clinton hawking single-payer health insurance.banks to benefit the people of Iraq and while Hussein stored all the crude oil he could during that embargo, he found a willing buyer in Russia, who got most of their oil from Iran and Iraq.

The distraction of the Gulf War was momentary, if not heralded by the removal of Hussein from power. Bus I was voted out for Democrat Bill Clinton in 1992.

Clinton’s platform included a promise to remove the block on homosexuals serving openly in our military. He was then roasted by his own Democratic Party for trying to do just that when he took office. Democratic Senator Sam Nunn, the Chair of the Senate Arms Committee at the time, was the lead charge to stave off implementing this unthinkable act by Clinton.

Then shortly after Don’t Ask Don’t Tell went into effect (which was little more than a veiled promise not to actively pursue outing members of the military that none of the services backed-off from), the First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton, went to the House floor to propose the implementation of a single-payer health insurance run by the federal government. She was literally laughed off-stage.

Then, in a major coup attempt, orchestrated by then Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Newt Gingrich, he sent a plant to be intern for Clinton, knowing that the President had a pension for attractive young women. Gingrich sent a young college girl by the name of Monica Lewinsky to entrap the President and cause his impeachment.

It didn’t work. Most people felt that the President’s personal life was no one’s business except his wife and family. The insurrection was quelled by issuing the President a censor order—which means absolutely nothing but a slap on the wrist.

Bill Clinton was not a great President, but he was a good one. Despite GOP renegade attempts to sabotage the President and First Lady Hillary Clinton, he balanced the budget, brought the House of Representatives’ action to stonewall the balanced budget amendment to a grinding halt. He refused, three times, to sign their budget until it was balanced. This caused the House to issue two temporary funding bills to keep the government running, except of course, Social Security, Medicare and human services—the biggest enemy of those who are in favor of runaway capitalism.

The GOP went on the ropes in the declining days of the Clinton administration, but they didn’t have to wait for relief very long, though. When George W. Bush managed to capture the Presidency in a coup that resulted in massive ballot tampering. So along with hisGeorge W. Bush"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and... well you're a fool?" brother, Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida at the time, we were plunged into the depths of quasi-dictatorship and threatened oligarchy. Al Gore was the President of the United States no matter what someone else says. He won it fairly and Bush II was a snake-in-the-grass, with Dick Cheney and Karl Rove plowing the corporate in-roads for him.

There were two major economic crisises for the Bush administration. The first, 1 year into his first term, was the ENRON implosion that cost millions their 401k retirement accounts. The second one, brought on by the removal of all restraints on banks and Wall Street was the housing bubble collapse of 2007-2008. The result was a complete disdain and sour taste Republicans left in everyone's mouth, but that was hardly the end of the debacle.

With a GOP House, Senate and White House, in the first 45 days of the Bush Presidency, they had not only spent Clinton’s $722 million budget surplus, but taken us into the largest U.S. debt in history and kept us there. I imagine the Chinese were elated to buy a piece of the old eagle, huh? We sold our democracy to the highest bidder and the war machines roared!

Bush’s henchmen, Cheney and Rove, decided to talk the dimwitted President into signing to retain funds from those suspected of terrorism, including one former ally of the United States from the Afghani-Soviet War in the 1980s, Osama Bin Laden.

Osama bin LadenOsama bin Laden: Just how do you hide from the U.S. Military & CIA a 6'4" Saudi man who needed dialysis 3-4 times week?As one might imagine, this didn’t go well for the United States. Bin Laden decided to wreak havoc on America in a strike involving the hijacking of four commercial airliners and using them as giant kamikaze flying bombs, one hit the ground in Pennsylvania when a gay man who was a passenger, rushed the hijackers and purposely flew the plane into the ground to save anyone else from being a target. One hit the Pentagon (although no plane debris was found??) and two hit the World Trade Center towers at full thrust. This event kicked-off the Afghanistan War.

A few months later, Bush decided to take it upon himself to finish the job with Saddam Hussein that his father didn’t. In order to do that, he had to prove that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Remember those receipts I mentioned? Well, that was the basis for proof, along with a bogus report saying Iraq was developing nuclear warheads and was an agent of Al Qaeda, which was the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the citizens of both the world and the United States.

The whole war scheme was to grab everyone’s oil, one by one, and make their oil supplies another subsidiary of Haliburton. They succeeded with all except Iran, which we placed under a very tight embargo on the suspicion of developing nuclear arms. When Bush’s lie hit the American public, it was first met with flag-waiving nationalism and once it was found that there were, in fact, no WMD’s, the American people promptly forgot about the whole mess, but wasn’t it grand that ordinary Democrats were labelled as “traitors” during this time? How about the number of Dems who migrated to the power the GOP and turn-coated the DNC to become their own brand of new vintage conservative Democrats?

Now, it seems, they’re all migrating back again to the DNC, trying to distance themselves from political harm by disavowing their former support for Donald Trump. Just how does that work, anyway? You emphatically support the candidate until your own political career is crashing out of the sky and then decide maybe this guy was aTrump mocks a disabled reporter for the NYTWho but a complete asshole would mock an award-winning journalist with a disability just because he gave Trump a bad editorial? shrub all along?

Ladies and gentleman; If someone saw all the information about Donald Trump before the Republican National Convention, and it was out there, then why do you morons support the man voted most likely to sexually molest your daughters. Now remember that no one knew about that tape (Ha!) prior to this past weekend, but they were aware that Trump had been sued for divorce three times now and marries some arm-candy of the week. She gets older and uglier and either they can’t put-up with his crap, or he decides to ditch them for another blue ribbon super-model.

So did I throw all these Wikipedia links at you? Well, it’s because there are still people out there who are stupid enough to vote for Trump and GOP. These are facts lying around for you to read prior to making your decisions regarding whom to support and you folks just couldn’t do your homework, could you? Nope! You’ve got to leave it to bloggers like me, who have warning you all along that this man is dangerous.

Giant can of RaidSo if you’re any kind of decent person, go pick up your can of Raid™ at the corner market and take it to the next Donald Trump rally, because it’s time to flush the cockroaches! 

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