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donald-trump-calls-hillary-clinton-nasty-woman"Such a nasty woman," Trump comments our of turn at the debates.The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald|

The 2016 Presidential campaign has certainly added some historical perspective that has been needed for many years now—48 years to be precise—although this election year will no-doubt bring the admonition of this being the most vicious and cruel campaign in the entire United States’ 240 years of existence.

Everyone has seen the three debates, seen the abyss that Trump has dragged the political system and the racist, sexist, xenophobic quagmire that doesn’t detract to the story of just how low the GOP really is that they would offer-up Donald J. Trump as their representative, orator and obituary reader.

But last night, at a very sacred and dignified affair, Donald Trump, who ripped-up his notes as he left the dais of the debate, attended the last function of this election Hillary got kicked off the Watergate Committee--two shocked socialites who reacted to Trumps caustic remarks at charity eventObserve the woman to Trump's right and the man sitting right next to Trump's left side react to "Hillary got kicked off the Watergate Committee." Since she was in college at the time, this is a wholly specious and false statement.cycle that both he and Hillary Clinton will share the stage prior to the general election on November 6, 2016. It’s called the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York City.

Trump feels his privileged life gives him the validity to offend his peers and Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York repeated looks of shock as Trump unleashed his acerbic tongue upon his own peers; millionaires and billionaires of New York City who attend this dinner in order to raise funds for Catholic charities.

The entire televised 2016 Alfred E. Smith Memorial Charity Gala—warts and all—but at 1:30 minutes into Trump’s speech, he violated all decorum for the event. He denigrated Hillary just as viciously as he did the night before and was criticized widely by the audience watching the debates.

Since the election of Richard Milhous Nixon as President of the United States in 1968, there has been a steady decline into neo-fascism and the rise of occasional tyrannical and toxic politicians, but none have come anywhere close to what Donald Trump has unleashed, herded, incited to riot and anger and perpetrated his candidacy upon the people of the United States and November 8th is merely the beginning, if one is to look carefully at Trump’s retraction to abide by the will of the people under democracy. He said he would only accept it if he won as President. Not only is this declaration one that challenges our very own election process, but it may well incite armed insurrection the moment the election is called for Secretary Clinton on the part of Trump’s dim-witted and “proud white men” followers beginning at around midnight when the last of the news agencies report President Elect Hillary Clinton as the 45th and only woman President of the United States—at least so far.

Michelle-Obama-DNC-jpg 9725478 ver1.0"When they go low, we go high."--Michele Obama, DNC 2016I actually believe that 2024 will see First Lady Michele Obama run—and win—to succeed President Clinton.

So how are we going to view Trump after losing this election? Will he follow through on his threat to hold our election system hostage to his over-bloated, egotistical, dogma? That he should be the only candidate for office and that he will only accept the election results if they’re in his favor?

We may have no choice, but the resulting impact from such an action will doom the GOP and basically cause a cascade effect that will wipe all conservative ambitions on the part of its elected officials. It may be a half-century or more before the re-emergence of rational conservativism. In other words; we’re seeing the final implosion of a political party that will last for generations.—just as it did after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and New Deal policies, which is what historians refer to as “the three ‘R’s” : Relief, Reform and Recovery.

Let us not forget that the worst financial recession since the Great Depression when, as a result of unbridled and unregulated Wall Street investors enabled our stock market to go bust and cut-off countless Americans from the money they has saved in America’s once-trusted banking system. That interest you accrue from savings and History FDR New Deal rev 2SF re1 HD still 624x352"Our Friend" poster from 1934 about much beloved President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal."some checking accounts has to come from somewhere, but do all of you know where that place is? It comes from smart banking loans to homeowners and small businesses that have been determined to be good investments to the bank. Loans that never get paid back help to adjust the national loan interest rate by the Federal Reserve.

It took Congress and President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, only 10 years, between 1996 and 2006, to spend the $700 billion budget surplus generated by President Bill Clinton’s initiative in some of the rockiest years of our affair with extremism by the GOP.

Now let me make my position clear here. I do not judge Bill Clinton as the greatest President we’ve had within my lifetime. I award that honor to President Jimmy Carter and his honesty and peaceful initiatives of his life’s work.

I don’t like the fact that Bill Clinton’s penis became the defining moment of his presidential years. Speaker of the House (at that time) Newt Gingrich, set Clinton up, knowing his weakness was cigars (as a sex toy) and pretty White House interns. However, Gingrich’s record of divorcing fatally ill wives for newer, unbroken models was his defining moment as Speaker of the House. It led to his forced resignation from the job, as well it should, but to stick to the point: Where normal sexual lusts are welcomed, as was Monica Lewinsky and Gingrich’s two ill wives were concerned, is not that much when you consider the heinous behavior of Donald Trump walking up to beautiful women and grabbing them by their genitals. He said in his own words that he finds such actions as “unavoidable.”

As President, would he walk up to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and shake her hand or her clitoris? Only Trump knows the answer to that one, but if she looked as if her face and body was carved of creamed cheese, then it’s likely he would choose the latter rather than the former.

Trump also insists that he would “be the best thing that could ever happen to blacks and Latinos” if he got elected. Now just how does that work? First you attack those racial groups and alienate them and when they think we’ll return to Jim Crow laws, then give them a nice piece of border patrol territory among some rocky, arid land to relocate to like Native Americans have been treated? More than likely he would and to make matters worse, Trump would most likely have all LGBTQ people either sent to closed reservations or just shoot us on sight. After all, that is what his constituency demands of him—those Secretary Clinton called “deplorable” millions who chose hate over love, anger over compassion and salute with their right arm and hand.

imagesSo what does this really say about Donald Trump, Presidential hopeful of 2016? He’s a reality TV star who doesn’t live in reality and could most commonly be called the Court Jester who thought of himself as King.

All these things will become legend after this election so please don’t miss one moment of this, the most important history you will ever see in your lifetime as the last of the GOP despots sinks slowly into either obscurity or jumps party lines like so many Democrats did between 1980-2008.

The only thing I think of the Court Jester analogy is that Trump really isn’t funny when he’s a pundit for the ultra-wealthy and the fascist extremists who sprung up in the void after Ronald Reagan to now.

Congratulations early, Secretary Clinton. You will make a fine President—perhaps even greater than your husband.

As far as Trump’s comment to her at the debate, “Such a nasty woman”? What does that make Trump for groping women, treating them like machines for his pleasure and discarding wives when they get older and less attractive? My own decorum stops me from saying it, but every woman I know has some rather pointed comments about it. I’ll leave you men who read this to ask a woman how that comment affected them. I haven’t met one who doesn’t consider it misogynistic and sexist.braying-jackass

Now I wonder if Bill is going to be selecting the White House china or will Hillary’s Chief of Staff? Wouldn’t that be truly controversial? Would that say loads about the secondary role women have played in politics and try to hold the bar for “First Husbands?”

You bet your sweet ass it does.

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