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hillary-clinton-new-college-compactThe Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald| Publisher, LGBT-Today

*Note: Secretary Hillary Clinton did NOT make this speech. I’m speculating that perhaps it’s time for her to say these things. I made-up everything regarding this fictitious speech myself so don’t blame Obama or Clinton. Blame me.

Thank you all for your support during this historic and important election.

You know, many years from now historians will view this entire crazy year with more than a moderate amount of skepticism that the entire thing happened at all, as long as they were born after it happened.

This is not the way this nation was designed to operate. Despotism, self-grandeur and personal avarice are not the core values of this nation, nor should they ever be a part of a Presidential election, yet Mr. Trump has made his ego the center of attention instead of the issues and we're facing some harsh issues right now, people..

You know, my generations’ parent, grand-parents or great-grandparents banded together, both home and abroad to end the rule of a dictator named Adolph Hitler and his tyranny he reined over the people of Germany. He was viewed as possibly the most ruthless and savage leader any nation has seen since the Cesar’s and Genghis Khan. Donald Trump is stumping for the same values that Hitler did before he plunged Germany into war that destroyed everything left that was good in Germany. Is that what real Americans want too?

Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents didn’t hesitate to sign-up for service in our military to fight this global threat. Many fought and died to preserve your freedoms that you enjoy today, but America has seemed to forget this while looking with an appraising eye towards Donald Trump, a man who has made it clear he has no concept of how to govern a people in a democracy.

We only need look to the actions of Mr. Trump’s supporters to see what they stand for. A recent news video showed a man screaming at the press area that news agencies won’t “tell us what to think or do,” and shouted repeatedly—along with hundreds of other supporters—the epithet “Jew S.A.” over and over.


These are the “deplorables” I talked about earlier in the election cycle. They are people with limited education, no substantive upbringing to preserve civility within our society.

When I see these displays of seething hatred, I’m reminded that I once heard experts state that ignorance causes fear and fear always breeds hatred.

There is a reason why I made free higher education an issue in this campaign and that reason is because we’ve had decades of ignorance and the only way to heal2015-08-09-college-compact1-1024x538 this nation is to educate them—no matter how old or young they are. We can only repair the divide between Americans through knowledge. Knowledge equals strength and America has lost all its strength and trails other nations in the world in education standards.

Now Donald Trump would have everyone believe that all we need is a strong business environment in order to prosper, but that logic fails to account for the people who either can’t work because of age, infirmity or lack of job skills. America has a large percentage of those people who feel disenfranchised and disconnected from mainstream society and are left with a hopeless existence and lack of will to live.

The Trump campaign tells America that you don’t need an education or a decent rate of pay for the work you do. As long as the big corporations are financially sound then America is sound. That is a complete lie.

No engineering firm in the world can build a strong building without a strong foundation. Without that foundation of ordinary people, the American way will wither and die and the rest of the structure will collapse and fade into decay. That is what is happening right now, this moment, across America.

I have seen it with my own eyes, felt it in my own heart; the pain parents feel when they can’t provide a quality education for their children without someone becoming so far in debt that they can never repay the money it cost for a basic college education.

When my generation went to college, the cost was small and that ability to attain a higher education was blossoming all over the nation. There are current polls and studies  that substantiate that millennials have it much more difficult in seeking higher education than previous generations.

These studies refer to people who are 64-84 are now known as the “silent” generation. I haven’t heard silence from this segment of society; I have heard absolute 4f2d951c50e07cd3dcc65a3fd54413b7fear that they will die indigent, regardless of pre-retirement financial plans, and they will die alone or sitting in a wheelchair in a hallway of a nursing home with no family to care for them or even take the time to worry about them. We have lost a key function of a healthy society: Family.

The Trump campaign tells you that no one need worry about family, friends or old age, because you’re better off killing yourself than running out of money.

I care about these nameless, faceless old people and I feel the terror in their hearts. We need to pay attention to the rising numbers of aging Americans and assure them that we will help them, that we will take care of them and that we will love them.

What the Trump campaign presses for is cuts in social services to further alienate and disconnect ever-growing numbers of Americans because they aren’t the rich who control the Citizen’s United stranglehold on the American political system.

While FBI Director Comey decided to throw-in with Trump for a possible cabinet position, what he isn’t saying is that I’ve already been acquitted by the Justice Department, the Congress and Senate of the United States and my honor is intact. It will remain so until my dying breath. Director Comey violated the Hatch Act by intentionally trying to influence the elections days before the election took place. That makes him either stupid or incompetant, perhaps both. I assure you that he will be replaced in my first appointments as President. No civil servant has the right to do what he's done and would Director Comey become a contestant on "Apprentice," we would most certainly hear the words, "you're fired!"

Donald Trump has still yet to answer the charges that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the effort to influence American democracy by tipping the scales ofmaxresdefault justice in Trump’s favor.

Trump has still yet to release his income tax papers for the consideration of the American people. He stands accused of defrauding millions through his various business enterprises, such as the now defunct Trump University. Trump has ridden the lead to 19 corporate bankruptcies—one right after another—while taking the maximum advantage of not paying any income taxes for decades.

Is there anyone here today who hasn’t paid their income taxes in two decades? No, there isn’t. The reason why is because if you had the audacity to refuse payment of your legal share of taxes, you would be in jail and everything you owned would be taken away from you. Donald Trump calls himself “smart” for evading his obligations. I don’t call that smart, I call that illegal.

So while Mr. Trump touts his illegal and unethical behavior, he has made one disastrous statement after another, such as refusing to accept the results of this election if he doesn’t win. I don’t call that something to be proud of. I call that something to be very, very ashamed of and he should be in jail for treason.

Mr. Trump has, on numerous occasions, called for his supporters to kill me. These are not the stripes by which we judge a rational human being. These are the ramblings of madman—a tyrant and dictator who would seize power and never let go of it. He will delve this nation into another world war and this time, there will be no human beings who will survive a nuclear war and Donald Trump has stated that his goal.

I call for Donald Trump to step aside and allow Governor Mike Pence to take his place. Governor Pence has shown himself to be a savvy politician and has a good working knowledge of the process of being Commander-in-Chief. I know Mr. Trump will never willingly step aside, but I still beg that he does before he ruins the GOP and delves this nation deeply into another civil war of son or daughter against their parents, grandparents or against their own siblings. History has shown what this sort of conflict does to a nation.

We must bridge the gap between fear and ignorance, compassion and callousness and rich and poor. There is a place for everyone in America in my administration and I promise to bridge these gaps and bind all Americans to each other. I swear that this will be my goal as your President.

Thank you.

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