No More Bushit/Obamashit from the Homophiles as much as anyone else!

bob_kunstNo More Bushit/Obamashit from the Homophiles as much as anyone else!
By Bob Kunst

Well, here we are in 2010, with a 'gay' movement that's adrift, wallowing, ill-defined,  and still crawling for 'acceptance', when it doesn't accept itself, and in much worse shape then anyone could or should imagine.
From my perspective there are so many missing 'links', it's is hard to find where to start.
I honor Jack Nichols, my friend for very many years, who besides being a great writer, was also a key conscious person within the movement and a leader who put out a great deal of energy, ideas, infomation, and activism, now missing within the so called gay media and homophile movement.
Besides our friendship, Jack was also putting my efforts before the community at large.

This is no small order, since I've been blessed and have pioneered so many incredible actions and with others, that have changed the course of history and Jack was reporting much of it. We made real news constantly, that the others dismissed, as much as they dismissed our creating the biggest media event in the history of this movement, which was our 'using' and leading the opposition to Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell, which made 'gay' a household word, brought millions out of their 'closets', took over the media from a local into an international issue, and created a movement that wasn't previously there. It was not the drag queens in NYC at 'Stonewall', that made this possible.
I lived in NYC in the 1960s and even partied at the "Stonewall". When the Queens fought the police, I always felt that was an 'internal' issue. It was not part of making our issue everyone's issue which we did with Anita/Falwell.
Bulletin: The issue is everyone's emotional and sexual security or insecurity. It has nothing to do with liberal vs. conservative politics, but has been made into that by those who absolutely have no clue and little to no impact as a result.
As my Rabbi said: "Nurture the roots, and the blossoms would grow."  Of course this would upset the agenda of those leading the present mess in the homophile movement, so why not re-invent the wheel, find scapegoating a favorite pastime and adopt the notion that being 'second-class' is the way it will always be, based on their own hang-ups?
Being a Jew and a Gay and an international activist on both levels, let alone accomplishing so many successful efforts included in the enclosed bio, has allowed me to do over 36,000 news interviews, that has also reached very many millions.
 Jack was willing to help merge many of my/our efforts to his audience, which doesn't get much on these issues, let alone our successes with both efforts and of course our frustrations.
When you take a stand and take those risks, there are legions of folks willing to attack you, distort your views to accommodate theirs, find faults and excuses and then never say 'thank you' when all their paranoia didn't materialize to begin with and they still benefited from our efforts.
Dahling, all those shibboleths we opposed and exposed and let go of and are no longer the problem, is what can be the focus as part of our own liberation, let alone the planet's.
This isn't 'osmosis'. This is taking on the Churches, the Governments, all political parties, state legislatures, the White House, the UN, the European Union, a list of organizations by the thousands, etc. ad nausea and then take on the millions who are emotionally and sexually hung up, let alone anti-Semitic to contend with.
Try maneuvering this minefield.
Then one has to deal with those who don't like themselves. Those hypocrites who play one role, but can't keep their zippers up when others aren't looking and then go berserk  when caught and are the very ones exploiting us as their enemies, to advance their careers and politics.
It's like being 'raped' by all these forces at once, just to get by, let alone to be  the one fighting for justice, identity, equality, and real change in attitudes. Did I mention all those personal experiences and information that makes us unique?
Jack understood a great of this in his own ways of trying to inform his readers on what is really taking place out there.
This is what made him unique and what we loved about him, among many reasons to love him.
So much of the mush in today's gay press, let alone the other press, is the problem of keeping the community enslaved, ill-informed and lacking empowerment for anything other than the nonsense being offered,  you must pay for if you want only the freedoms they want to offer you.
What makes this homophile scam any different from what we all face daily with all the other scams we have to endure, fight and try to overcome?
Why is it that once so many gays get close to those sources of influence, they become just like them?
Where is the 'revolution' of replacing a straight with a gay, who is just as stupid, just as evil, just as reckless, just as insipid, just as foolish, just as criminal as those we see as oppressing us?
In future articles I want to tackle the issues of 'Gay Marriage', 'Gay Adoption of Children' and "Gays in the Military', as if this only defines the gay community. 
How about gays that don't want any of it, as valid as those who want all of it?
How about gays who want to be gay without marriage and kids and don't want this very sick, violent, fearful society endorsing our love making and why aren't those folks visible? How about all those incredible folks to meet and party with, if that's what anyone wants?
Why doesn't our sexuality matter?
 When Dr. Alan Rockway and I led the opposition to Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell as 'role models' in 1976 , we were of course dismissed by those who objected to us new/old kids on the block in our 1972 through 1980 campaigns and ever since. Yet those who dished and dismissed us have brought the movement to today's level, which is still stuck on stupid in 2010.
Being at the center of those in the homophile community that are anti-Semitic and those in the Jewish community who are homophobic, is more than too much, but is my experience.
Then take those who hate being upfront and define themselves only through their materialism and through their bank accounts, which many gays and Jews are guilty of and which I'll be explaining in future articles.
Then there are the forces out there who want both groups destroyed , while many Gays and Jews keep fighting each other, which adds another dimension to the dilemma.
So taking the risks, I as a self-respecting Gay and Jew have done all of my life, and others won't do, is one issue. Others have a book of excuses on why they won't be active while also being critical of those who are. Of courae, this makes my/our job even more complicated, in going after the bigots and hate mongers, so what's news here? When we challenge our critics to face their own hang-ups, 'political correctness' and  their usual bull that distorts, misrepresents and counters our efforts , we must endure these pressures as part of the victory, internally and externally.
It takes a great deal of strength to cope and defeat all of this negativism.
Trying to keep Jack's legacy going by input from those with a multitude of experiences to this old and new audience, in the middle of a high tech insanity that practically ignores the human factor, is one more challenge we have to overcome.
But what a challenge!
Every Friday night, when I'm home, I light Sabbath candles for my mom and dad and those I love and have lost. So Jack is in my prayers very often.
I was glad to be at his wake with family and friends and to remember what a very special person he was and his spirit is still with me.
The world is on a collision course with its own survival and there are many crazies out there wanting all 'infidels' dead, whether one is gay, bisexual or heterosexual or asexual.
There are some homosexuals who actually support these Islamic Nazis as some also supported Hitler and his Holocaust. There are actually some homosexual Nazis. To ignore these issues is to deny reality within our own ranks and what is driving this movement to where it is now and whether it is relevant.
What is the struggle all about?  Replacing the sick with more sickness?
Jack knew and wasn't afraid to cross into  many of those areas, when he cited and informed folks what we  and others were up to.
The first and primary aspect of legitimate journalism and activism was/is to inform and let people make up their own minds without manipulating the truth, so much of today's media is guilty of with their own agendas, politics and money scams.
I have started on my book 3 times on what really happened with Anita and Falwell and why we were different then as now in making such a phenomenon take place with so many incredible victories as a result.  Mind you, I have over 50,000 news clippings just on that 3 yr. campaign to go over.
"Nurture the roots and the blossoms will grow."
Now, I will finish this wealth of information and honor Jack in this process, as I honor Alan Rockway and all the others who made our efforts possible and are watching over us now too.

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