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My Facebook page is “no longer available.” This means that my 2,200 Facebook friends will have to go someplace else to find out about my books, and what I am doing as a writer. I learned in February that I have been "blocked" from Facebook. Why, frankly, I have no idea except that it must have to do with the books I write and publish that have been banned "forever" from being advertised on Facebook because of their titles and possibly their covers—namely, The Manly Art of Seduction and the follow-up book The Manly Pursuit of Desire and Love. Both of these books are available on Amazon. The Manly Art of Seduction has gotten great reviews, was an Amazon bestseller in several categories, received a Gold Medal IPPY award and other awards, and is now available as an audio book on Audible.com, and in Portuguese. It is currently being translated into Spanish. 

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Minor Detailswu2eOsmThe website, Rumor Fix, published this drawing of Donald Trump (Dumpf) made from a photo by his ex-girlfriend who says Trump's penis is in fact tiny.

By Bob Minor

By the second week of March, the discourse (using that word very loosely) of the Republican presidential candidates had sunk so low that to call it “juvenile” would be an insult to our children. Just when we thought that the personal attacks had lowered to a senior high level, they descended further to something like the taunting of junior high kids.

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The Raving LesbianSasha Goldstein Twitter Post-1957-2016Sasha Goldstein Twitter Post compairing a photo of black harrassment in Little Rock, Ark in 1957. to Trump's 2016 Lousiville, Kn. rally.

Stephanie Donald, Publisher—LGBT-Today.com

The other night a group of Trump supporters at a rally viciously bullied and battered a black student from University of Kentucky who came to protest Trump’s father being affiliated with the Ku-Klux Klan and his stated racial epithets regarding Muslims and Hispanic people.

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Pigs of IndustryThe Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

            Since the passage of national marriage rights, there isn’t a whole lot of “gay rights” subjects left to write about. I could continue to preach about the need for a full equality act for the LGBT community, but you aren’t listening to me anyway.

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ht pope hangout lb 150204 16x9 992

By Bob Kunst

Dear Pope Francis;

Your political comments against Donald Trump need to be responded to.

After 950 rallies/events since 1989; going to 31 'death camps' in Holocaust and doing over 3600 media interviews, we have an opinion about this latest shameful performance from you throwing stones.

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800px-Seattle gay parade-protestersMinor Details

By Bob Minor

If the goal is to get the votes and political grassroots activism of the far right-wing, the Fundamentalists, and assorted fear-based people who turn out to vote Republican even against their financial interests, it’s still effective to look as anti-LGBT as possible.

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rentboys.com picRentboys.com former website landing pageThe Ranting Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher LGBT-Today.com

       The reign of free love and a constricted morality has come about as the result of the indictment of Jeffrey Hurant, the former CEO of Rentboy.com on racketeering and prostitution charges in Federal Court this week.

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