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No More Bushit/Obamashit from the Homophiles as much as anyone else!

bob_kunstNo More Bushit/Obamashit from the Homophiles as much as anyone else!
By Bob Kunst

Well, here we are in 2010, with a 'gay' movement that's adrift, wallowing, ill-defined,  and still crawling for 'acceptance', when it doesn't accept itself, and in much worse shape then anyone could or should imagine.
From my perspective there are so many missing 'links', it's is hard to find where to start.
I honor Jack Nichols, my friend for very many years, who besides being a great writer, was also a key conscious person within the movement and a leader who put out a great deal of energy, ideas, infomation, and activism, now missing within the so called gay media and homophile movement.
Besides our friendship, Jack was also putting my efforts before the community at large.

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A Love Affair with Jack Nichols

A Love Affair with Jack Nichols

By Rodger Streitmatter

My love affair with Jack Nichols began 15 years ago.

Rodger StreitmatterI was a recently tenured journalism professor who’d decided to write a history of the gay and lesbian press—a project no one had ever tackled before.

The earliest stages of my research led me to copies of a little publication consisting of a few pages of 8½-by-11-inch paper that had been folded in half and stapled at the crease. This curious little item had been produced in Washington, D.C., in the mid-1960s and carried the quainter-than-quaint title The Homosexual Citizen. In fact, it hardly seemed like a publication at all, reminding me of something I’d put together back in elementary school. But when I began reading the articles, I came upon this passage—

A Hard Fighter

dr-frank-kamenyA Hard Fighter
By Dr. Franklin Kameny

I first met Jack Nichols at one of Washington's then-every Saturday-night after-the-bars-closed parties in 1960 or very early 1961..  I was discussing Donald Webster Cory's book "The Homosexual in America" with someone and Jack overheard me.  Either still in Bethesda Chevy Chase high school or recently out of it, he was an avid fan of this first serious book on homosexuality in America.

We got to talking, and a long, productive relationship started which lasted until his premature passing some 40+ years later.

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The New LGBT Commons

The New LGBT Commons

By Randolfe Wicker

We all live somewhere: California or New York, Maine or Florida, the Midwest.  But we meet and interact on “the commons” of our day—the Internet.  What happens there is not covered by any of the LGBT media.  It’s time we changed that.

How many times has a friend sent you a link to a news article, a video, a website that you absolutely loved?  How many friends visit Adam4Adam, Manhunt, Gay.com, Downlink instead of heading out to the local bar looking for quick sex or a full blown romance?

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