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Now people are advocating changing the Civil Rights Act?

kim-davis-bookingThe Lesbian Bitch Rides Again!

Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today.com

Jack Mirkinson, an excellent writer for Salon.com, recently wrote a piece entitled The bizarre martyrdom of Kim Davis: Why Kentucky’s anti-gay folk hero is fighting for a lost cause.

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Pat Robertson does it again and again and again…

The Fringe Lesbian Bitch Rides Again


Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today.com

You know, there was a time when Pat Robertson would insult our community like this and get called down by GLAAD and dogged by reporters for his bigoted attitude about my community. He would then apologize and claim he wouldn't do it again, then at least a month later he would in fact do it again. But at least he was shamed into an apology!


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What About Cait?

caitlyn-jenner-715696 w650Caitlyn Jenner anouncing her new show, I am Cait.Stephanie Donald, publisher, LGBT-Today.com

An amazing amount of controversy has arisen in the trans community about whether Caitlyn Jenner is doing more bad than good for the trans community.

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The Supreme Court Moves to Destroy Straight Marriage

6a00d8341c730253ef01b8d10aac2d970cAnti-gay marriage protestor disrupts opening of SCOTUS morning of marriage equality decision.Minor Details

By Bob Minor

The right-wing has gone crazy since the Supreme Court sanctioned marriage equality in late June. What they’d been praying for didn’t come to pass – their angry, righteous, warrior deity didn’t intervene with fire and brimstone or floods and pestilence.

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Does Love Define Us?

alg-owens-barham-just-married-jpgStephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

I wanted to get clear of the SCOTUS decision—clear of Pride-silly season—and then perhaps we can talk a bit more seriously.

I know it’s tremendously unpopular and not PC to call ourselves homosexuals anymore, but in the context of defining who and what we are, are we going to be so shallow that simply writing out a Post-It note, pasting it to our foreheads, and telling everyone that the only thing that makes a homosexual is who they love and marry?

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A Solution to the Marriage Issue

A-11Stephanie’s Last Stand

Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

For 18 years I’ve warned about the danger of using judicial process to “force” anti-gay bigots to accept marriage equality and the backlash chain reaction it would trigger. The rash of Religious Restoration Freedom Acts would tend to vindicate me on this issue and it’s only going to get worse from here on with Alabama and Texas threatening secession and violence if the United States Supreme Court forces them to accept marriage equality.

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What Progressives Could Take from the Religion Polls

flammarion engraving custom-741e49ab7cc68a364f290fd15634c3c1f2ee30e5Minor Details

By Bob Minor

Social and mainstream media are abuzz about the rise of the “nones” and the decline of people identifying with religious institutions. A lot of the discussion reflects quite a bit about each writer’s hopes and dreams about religion’s future.

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