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What to do About that Pink Crow Sitting Next to You

flat550x550075f.u1By Stephanie Donald Publisher, LGBT-Today

Allow me to get this out of the way quickly so we can move on to more productive topics:

I told you so!

I feel better already. That just vindicated 18 years of predicting that forced judicial marriage equality on anti-gay states prior to the passage of some sort of federal equal civil rights amendment that includes everyone in the LGBT community would bring down a hell-storm of backlash laws from those anti-gay states who were forced to accept marriage. Well, now that's happened.

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To Dream the American Nightmare

Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

For some the expression American Dream brings a wave of movie memes of a quiet summer in a suburban community where the old La France fire truck is rounding the corner toward the firehouse, returning from retrieving a cat from an oak tree in Mrs. Miller’s yard. Children are running from being sprayed by a garden hose because Mr. Samuels washes his car and the children love to play with the Samuels’ children and Mr. Samuels is by far the best father everyone knows.

American Dream circa 1950s1


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Facing the Backlash from Religious Addicts

Minor Details

By Bob Minor

We're now in the throes of a backlash against equal rights for LGBT people that's in full swing while many think the fight is over. Its ferocity and meanness has been predicted not only in this column but elsewhere, with numerous warnings for us to prepare for this moment.

Micaelangelo Signoreli

Anticipated in April is: It's Not Over: Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia, and Winning True Equality, a new book by Michelangelo Signorile

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Power Is the Issue, but It's Nervous

Senator Ted Cruz R-TxSenator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) One of the more bizarre elected right-wing politicians, Senator Cruz has cemeted Texas' reputation for being out-of-touch with just about every American's view of current mainstream topics. (Photo courtesy of Senator Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate)Minor Details—Bob Minor

Constantly we must remind ourselves that the right-wing dominating the Republican Party has “logic” of its own. We have to stop asking questions like: “Don't they understand?” “Don't they see that this doesn't make any sense?” “Why do so many vote against their self-interest?”

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Pam Bondi: Ditz of the Decade

34096 409865547721 6426934 nStephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

The seemingly impossible has happened; Florida just became the 36th state to allow marriage equality—no thanks to the incredible stupidity of Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General and the Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers Association inability to understand one word: Unconstitutional.

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We Have Miles to Go to End Bullying

Minor Details

Bob Minor

RoninRonin Shimizu of Folsom, Ca. was bullied for being a cheerleader.2014 ends with another child's suicide in the news. This time, it's a twelve-year-old boy who couldn't take the bullying anymore.

Yes, it was in California, where all the right laws and policies are in place. Still, death seemed better to Ronin Shimizu than enduring his community.

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Come On, Stop Thinking of That Elephant.

Minor Details

By Bob Minor

elephant-v-crocAccording to University of California, Berkeley Professor George Lakoff, if the Democrats were to properly frame their concepts to the American people, the ridiculous concepts of the GOP would fall by the wayside.Ten years ago, my “Minor Details” column raved about the best book to come out of any political season before or since:

“Stop whatever you’re doing. Drop whatever you’re reading – even if it’s one of my books. The most important political book of the year is out and it’s a $10 paperback of only 124 pages. (So, you know Bill Clinton didn’t write it.)

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