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"Thank G-d, Nazi Phelps Is Dead"

S-4Bob Kunst; the man who took on hate-queen Anita Bryant in the 1970s and won.By Robert Kunst—Gay Pioneer, Exclusive to LGBT-Today

It's the first day of spring, 2014 and what a wonderful way to enter this new season.

Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church is on his way to hell, at age 84.

This immoral Nazi miscreant, became famous for attacking gays and we thank him and his family for giving us so much publicity, so much attention and for being an anti-role model for everyone, while giving religion a bad name and of course our great pleasure to have protested against Phelps and his gang over a dozen times and more than anyone in the nation.

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Are Frightened Heterosexuals to Become the Next Neolithic Footnote?

FreeGreatPicture.com-44676-obama-applauds-supreme-courts-doma-and-prop-8-rulings-as-it-happenedWhen the SCOTUS struck down all but one paragraph of DOMA last year, everyone thought that was the last battle in our equality struggle because of the emphasis placed on it by the HRC, but now they know it was merely the wrong battle in a long war.Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

When the LGBT community gnashes its teeth over all the idiocy that usually follows some breakthroughs we experience in our culture, we still have to contend with Neanderthal’s expressing misspelled and ridiculously puerile comments on Twitter. Of course, Twitter has become the realm of worldwide village idiots and was it not necessary to the dissemination of stories of LGBT-Today, I would avoid it altogether. I never read Twitters because the forced abbreviations make me winch and realize that true communication between human beings is slowly deteriorating into a redux of Stanley Kubrick’s “Dawn of Man” segment in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Michael Sam Needs a 21st Century Vince Lombardi

michael-sam headshotBy Rodger Streitmatter

Much has been written about Michael Sam since the defensive lineman from the University of Missouri came out in early February. Sam’s public acknowledgement of his sexuality and the fact that he’s likely to be drafted into the National Football League in May mean that pro football may soon have its first openly gay player.

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Fantasize with Me: Men Comfortable in their Skin

michael-sam(T)hough someone like Michael Sam might challenge our gay stereotypes, they do not challenge our straight masculine ones.Minor Details

By Bob Minor

This past month an All-American defensive lineman named by the Associated Press as the South East Athletic Conference’s Defensive Player of the Year told an interviewer from ESPN that he’s gay. Michael Sam from the University of Missouri announced to the world what teammates and coaches already knew: “I am an openly, proud gay man.”

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Intersex Rights Enter the News Arena

By Rodger Streitmatter

intersexMany of us remember the days when the mainstream media paid very little attention to gay and lesbian rights. That era is long gone, with references to LGBT rights now being pervasive on news websites as well as on TV news and in newspapers and magazines.

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3 Poems at Christmas 2013

Perry Brass—Guest Poetic Contributor

Up on the Rooftop of the Met

Brass Christmass poems 2013

It is 7:30 in early September

and the sun is releasing its last

splendor of light,

gray and silver over Central Park,

while the clouds put on a show

as intense as falling in love,

and easily as missable if you

think too hard.

About a hundred people are up here,

in friendly but isolated groups,

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No Matter How Ugly It’s Going to Be, There’s Hope in 2014

Minor Details

By Bob Minor

Boehner and RyanSpeaker John Boehner and Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, the chief archetects of the government shutdown this year.The New Year can safely be forecasted to bring more of the same. Actually, it’s likely to be an exaggeration of the political craziness of 2013.

There are those who dream of sanity and bipartisan cooperation. I hope they had the pristine white Christmas they fantasized, too.

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