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May 11, 2016—Williams Institute, UCLA Law School: A report released today regarding a study by the hallowed halls of the Williams Institute, an LGBT think-tank at the University of California Los Angeles Law School, states that Governor McCrory and his anti-LGBT HB2 legislation will cost the taxpayers of North Carolina an estimated $5 in lost revenue.

This report considers the legal and economic implications of North Carolina’s HB2. HB2 discriminates against the over 37,800 transgender people in the state by prohibiting them from using restrooms consistent with their gender identity in public schools and universities, and in state government buildings. Further, HB2 repeals all local non-discrimination ordinances that provided protections to many of North Carolina’s over 336,000 LGBT residents.

After considering the size of the LGBT population in North Carolina, and the legal landscape and social climate they face, this report estimates that HB2 directly puts at risk almost $5 billion just in terms of federal funding and business investment. In addition, HB2 contributes to a challenging environment for LGBT people that potentially cost the state tens to hundreds of millions of dollars each year. More specifically, this report identifies following ten actual or potential harmful economic impacts:

Discrimination. HB2 conflicts with federal laws, the laws of other states, and the policies of most large companies. As a result, North Carolina risks losing:

         1. Loss of Federal Funding

         2. Loss of Business Investment

         3. Reduced Travel and Tourism

         4. Litigation and Enforcement Costs

Development. HB2 adds to a challenging environment that LGBT people already face in North Carolina. By moving toward exclusion and away from inclusion, HB2 exacerbates:

         5. Bullying in School

         6. Workplace Discrimination

         7. Health Disparities

Diversity. HB2, by adding to an already challenging legal landscape and social climate for the over 168,900 LGBT workers in North Carolina, has the following harmful economic impacts:

         8. Productivity

         9. Retention

         10. Recruitment

This should be a harbinger of total disaster for the Tar Heel State, but McCrory just rambles on and on and tries to justify pure discrimination as “in the best interests of the citizens of North Carolina.”

This entire situation brings to mind the disaster provoked by Indiana Governor Mike Pence and the anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” law he passed there in 2015.

How many ruined economies are Christian “ethics” going to be used to specifically discriminate against a protected minority (by Obama’s Executive Order), just like Jim Crow Laws were used against African Americans?

Here’s a quick fix for all these issues. Leave anti-secularism at the door when you pull that pen out, Southern Governors!

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