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Quick; call the waaah-bulance! Kim Davis, the Podunk stupid Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis tried another massive rationalization to justify what a screaming bitch she is.

There isn’t much known about the complete interview that Right Wing Watch posted a small portion of late last night other than the fact that, along with all the Christian bigots, she’s trying to become another over-paid talking head for the dying sect of Christians who feel God walks around with a .44 magnum taking shots at blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and the LGBT community.

Back in the early George W. Bush administration, those of us who possessed a good degree of education and intelligence were told that we better start living with
george_w_bush-14rulings from a stacked Supreme Court and better be holding our hands over our hearts as Bush ran rampant destroying more than half of the Middle-East.

Now that Americans have seemed to stop sticking their heads in the sands—in general—and the Supreme Court has come down on the side of human rights (finally!), the streams of bitching come from the right-wing just never seems to stop these days when they used to shut-up the LGBT community with every bad Executive Order and rolling off the hate conga line in the House and Senate.

Apparently, they can dish it out, but not take the same treatment that all of us have had to put up with for about two millennia, give or take a small period or two.

Davis spent 6 days in jail on contempt charges for refusing to obey the SCOTUS ruling last year. She claimed that the “big, bad lesbians” in jail were all trying to “recruit” her in jail. It must be estimated that she could do the crime, but not the time after she got herself a criminal record for defying a federal district court judge at the bidding of Liberty Council’s Matt Staver and few fanatics who egged her on.

The one thing is certain from all this hoopla; we’re finally returning to a secular government where the whining and bitching GOP and Christians aren’t going to get their way anymore.

HB2 has already been struck down by a federal district judge in both North Carolina and a matching bill passed by the Commonwealth of Virginia (sure; the lawmakers are the wealthy while everyone else are commoners). While the GOP is scrambling to mount a legal defense for an appeal of that ruling, even more moronic GOP are busy passing laws that attack the meek—namely all transgender people in America.

Despite the fact that no transgender person has ever molested a woman or a young girl in a public restroom or shower facility, the dumbest comments yet have resulted from these anti-trans bathroom bills: “It’s just common sense that you don’t want your wife or daughter showering with a man or exposing themselves in a public restroom.”

wahmbulance_b4be0There were plenty of decades where gay men (primarily) were the boogeyman hiding in the closet, but accusing a person who is changing their gender of being a man in a dress or woman doing the same as simply “confused,” has become the new fad among the small-minded Christian fringe.

Transgender people have attempted to open dialogues with these right-winger-dingers, but to no avail. All they get is people screaming at them and if the conservative public could find some they’d be chasing every transgender person with torches and pitchforks.

Quick! Call the Waah-bulance! The mentally and emotionally challenged Christians are trying to organize another necktie party for transgender people!

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