The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald| Publisher, LGBT-Today

The recent developments into the Trump-Russia connection were all caused by America’s mindless love of reality television.

Last November when Donald Trump was elected 45th President of the United States (#45POTUS) they really didn’t understand that what they were voting for was an illusion—a product of a Hollywood mindless vogue that has gone on for far too many years.

Reality TV has had the same effect on the populace that is equivalent to legendary brainwashing used on prisoners of war and other subjects uncovered through the last six decades, such as the movie(s) “Manchurian Candidate.”

Quite recently, a female-to-male transgender man, Zeke Smith, on the reality TV show “Survivor” was outed by a parting contestant and that revelation was allowed to air, embarrassing the transgender man and showing that the quality of those being selected for such reality shows need better vetting by the producers, directors and writers of those shows. When I refer to “vetting” I mean the guy who outed Smith. The man was obviously a manipulator and unscrupulous, but either way, he should never have been allowed to appear on that show. Most would say that there are no boundaries on television that cannot be broken—until the Survivor incident.

When it comes to being a reality TV star who wasn’t vetted properly, Donald Trump is at the top of the heap. His vacuous and barbarous TV show, “The Apprentice” gave people a might-be-good-might-be-bad candidate for President of the United States because Americans have always sought to elect those who appear to be the strongest and definitely not a woman—at any cost—including our constitutional democracy.

There are a host of other reasons why our country has become so ornery and just plain mean. Not among the smallest reasons is the fact that 4 out of 6 ordinary citizens have seen the inside of a jail cell in what they believe is political and counter-racist. The facts are that most of those people, no matter which party they belong to, are being targeted by (pardon the pun) trumped-up civil charges for relatively minor infractions.

It also depends upon how much money you’ve got to spend on a defense lawyer because the offices of Public Defenders are outnumbered by the prosecutor’s office by an 8 to 1 margin. These public defenders are being handed between 300-600 cases in order to disposition and dispose of in an accommodating manner that seldom has the best interests of their clients in mind. The usual outcome is that almost all cases are disposed of by plea bargains.

Besides the obvious racial minorities, the LGBTQ community is also targeted for arrest and incarceration for made-up charges and the homophobia/transphobia that now engulfs the GOP. Transgender prisoners are being accused and incarcerated on charges of “resisting arrest without violence” when the transgender person was the one who called the police over having a crime committed by someone else. All it takes is the mention of them being transgender by those who are accusing them to make the police turn the entire situation around even in cases where a transgender individual has been arrested after calling the police over a crime committed by them.

The well-respected Williams Institute reported in a 2015 publication that the figures regarding transgender people interacting with law enforcement have resulted in being brutalized, raped and incarcerated if their birth gender comes into question during the police interview.

In one case that I wrote about in 2006, a transgender woman in Jupiter, Florida was assaulted physically by people renting a room in the home and she was arrested when the two lesbian women outed her to the police officer. She did not want her name to be released in public, but she was held in solitary confinement for 8 days and Tasered nightly by guards who turned off the security cameras to her cell and the connecting corridor.

To the credit of one policewoman, she was present at the arrest and testified to the judge that her partner had acted

A solitary cell in Unit 32 of the Mississippi State Penitentiary, the state’s super-maximum-security prison, in Parchman, Miss., Feb. 27, 2012. A growing number of states are rethinking the use of long-term isolation for inmates after the conditions at Unit 32 prompted a lawsuit that led to the unit’s closing. (Josh Anderson/The New York Times)

in an violent and untoward manner once he found out that she was born a man. She was released on her 8th straight day of solitary confinement and when she lodged a protest with the County Sheriff he promptly responded by saying that the guards working the night shifts were “admonished” for turning off the cameras and monitoring of her cell, but noted that since there was no “hard evidence” that proved she had been assaulted, there was no evidence to support her claim.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s “base” and remember that the Benevolent Order of Police backed him as their candidate.

Trump is not a president. He’s a reality TV star and has even placed a podium in the Oval Office so he can address the American people when every President before him did such television releases while sitting at the Redoubt Desk. The accompanying photo shows the gaudiness and gross egotism that Trump has used the décor of the Oval Office to represent his presidency including; gold lamiae curtains and more flags than has ever been seen in that office. The photo shows a comparison between Trump’s Oval Office and President Obama’s version. It’s completely gauche, reflects an intense egomania and contempt Trump has for the very people he was voted into office by. It looks more like Queen Elizabeth’s office than that of a democratically appointed politician. The entire changeover between Obama and Trump took less than one week, according to CBS news.

With all the tumult this president has caused regarding dealing with our enemies and releasing classified information to the Russian spy network, is it any wonder that (with an extreme outpouring of public sentiment) will most likely be impeached over many issues. There is now a total of five convened grand juries in New York and Virginia who seek an indictment and trigger an impeachment.

I have a reliable source that tells me, however, that should those things occur, Trump is a big enough weenie to pardon himself and loyalists in his cabinet, but in the meantime, the White House enough leaks from the president’s senior staff that show no one feels safe with Trump in his position and they appear to be leaking information in the hopes that when Trump is impeached that they can avoid criminal charges.

None of us are safe with this bogus former reality TV star in the office of POTUS.

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