Dear “Chosen” Activists: There is much going on: On Sat., 6P.M., 2/26/11, Andrews Living Arts Studio, 23 N.W. 5th St., Ft. Laud., The Phelps Nazis, Westboro Baptist Church Nazis are protesting a play about Mathew Sheppard the Gay man murdered in Wyoming. We are joining with others against these low lifes. It is our 12th protest against them. Last year we opposed them in Boca Raton when they came to protest against the Jewish Federation. We also opposed them in Wash., D.C. at the General Assembly gathering of 3000 Jewish leaders.

 Also, this Sat. for those of you in the Wash., D.C. Metro area, the “J St.” Judenrats are gathering for 4 days at the Washington Convention Center on 8th St.. These ‘Traitors’, in league with the very forces who want Israel destroyed are the same gangsters who sold out their fellow Jews in the Holocaust. Same mentality, same disease within, same shameful and abherrant behavior to sell out our 5000 yr. history, our faith, our identity, our struggles and answers for the planet. From Hitler to Hamas, they keep selling out their fellow Jews. Speak out against their stupidity and evil.

 We cannot be up there for this event this year as too much is going on.

Please see the above enclosed attachments regarding our news conference with the Holocaust Survivors on Monday, Feb. 28th at 10AM at the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach, with letters to Pres. Obama and Sen. Nelson regarding their support for the Nazi Insurance companies, like Allianz, while ignoring the Holocaust Survivors.

On Friday, at 3 P.M. we gather at the Fountainbleau Hotel on Miami Beach, 44th St. and Collins Ave. to protest when Obama arrives to do a fundraiser for Sen. Nelson at this hotel. Please get there early as parking next to the Eden Roc will be full and the streets will be closed down for security reasons. 

Obama, who equated the Holocaust with Muslim Humiliation in his Cairo Speech, in 2009, laid a wreath at Yad Vashem in Israel, besides going to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, going to Buchenwald Death Camp in Germany and told the Jews he would support Jews and Israel, has done a U-Turn in dumping on Israel as much as possible, in appeasing all Muslims all the time, in a foreign policy in the Middle East and globally that is in total chaos and inviting more disasters and in siding with the Nazi Insurance companies against the Holocaust Survivors. Please join with us and state your caring about our priorities. This will be Shalom International’s  428th rally/event since Oct. 2007 and 1360 news story. 

Yours in Shalom,

Bob KunstPres.,

Shalom International


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