Stephanie Donald—LGBT-Today Staff Report

From the Great Land Down Under comes the cartoon tale of Guy Hamdon who inherits a magical ring from his aunt with the warning that it’s only supposed to be worn by females.

One must certainly wonder if young Guy has some secret dream of becoming a female because it doesn’t take long before he tries it on.

Much to Guy’s surprise, he better start getting used to wearing bras and tampons because the magical ring turns him into a female teenage superhero who comes to the rescue all over the world!

Whenever young Guy dons the ring of power, he activates it by saying, “You go girl!” We are soon to see drag queens everywhere dressed as SheZow!

Of course when he takes the ring off he reverts to being just plain old Guy Hamdon again. Take that Clark Kent for a secret identity!

The cartoon show will soon air in both the United States and the United Kingdom in the near future!

I quit watching most cartoon shows years ago but since this one is sure to cause Christian fundamentalists to slide off their toilet seats, I’ll be sure to watch for this one!

Just tell them Sister Grammy Bell sent you!

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