Bob Kunst

bob_kunstBrief history of Shalom International and Bob Kunst as President: From Oct. 2007 to Nov. 19, 2010, Shalom International/ has done 405 rallies/events to :”Keep Jerusalem and Israel United”; “Fight Terrorism-Support Israel”; and this year addedd: “No Mosque At Ground Zero”. We have also done 1355 news interviews and an international audience of many millions on our movement. We are the most visible Jewish organization with alot of Christian support in the U.S. and internationally. We have had 18 rallies at the White House and opposed the “Annapolis Summit” in 2007 and White House Summit in 2010. We’ve had rallies at the Israeli Consulates in Miami, New York. We took our campaign to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the Republican National Convention in St.Paul, to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, to oppose “Durbin II”, before the Vatican in Rome, and at Zion Sq., Jerusalem when the Pope was in Israel in 2009. We’ve taken our campaign to the “G-20” Summits in Pittsburgh and Toronto and protested at the U.S. Consulate in Toronto. We’ve protested at the UN in NYC on 6 occassions. We also protested at the National Press Bldg. and US State Dept and Wilson Centers in D.C.. We also protested against Left Wing crazies in D.C., Toronto, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Ft. Laud.. We also protested firing of Juan Williams from NPR at WLRN Radio in Miami and 5 more pro-Israel rallies in Miami. We’ve taken our campaign to West Indian Carnivals in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, St,. Pete, Boston, Wash., D.C., NYC, Toronto, Trinidad. We protested Gov. Crist allowing an election on a Jewish holiday, which he reversed in our favor. We also protested Target Stores selling a globe from China that had Palestine on it and not Israel and got this off their shelves with much bad press for Target.  We protested Jew haters at U. of Tampa and also supported Israel with a dozen rallies at FAU, plus rallies in Boca Raton on 5 occassions. We opposed 300 Muslims screaming: “Jews Into The Ovens” on 12/30/08 at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud. and have been there weekly ever since and our 3rd Anniversary coming. We’ve opposed the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero on 5 occassions, have opposed Muslim Sharia law in Tall. twice; against CAIR 3 times; and against Muslim terrorist politics from D.C. to Pompano Beach to Ft. Laud.  We have protested AIPAC in D.C. twice, the General Assembly in D.C. and Nashville, the Dem.Jewish Coalition and “J St.” in D.C.. We opposed the burning of the  Koran with that preacher in Gainesville, Fla. on two occassions. We protested the Gov. of Turkey and its ‘flotilla’ against Israel in Atlanta as well as opposing Jimmy Carter at the Carter Center in Atlanta. We’ve rallied for Israel in Orlando, Sarasota, Melbourne(3 times), Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines, West Palm Beach, Phila., Boston, Key West, Detroit, Tampa, Nashville. We mobilized 2000 at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach and 300 with Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post at our Chicago rally against Obama and Rahm Emanuel. We’ve protested Obama in Miami, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Coral Gables and Bill Clinton in Miami. We’ve been to 17 ‘tea parties’ in S. Fla. and Wash., D.C. to bring our issues on Israel to them. We’ve taken our campaign to many corners in S. Fla. during Kunst For Congress, as an ‘independent’ on these issues of Debbi Wasserman Schultz, Hillary and Obama selling out Israel and Kunst getting 1265 votes, but getting our issues out to millions worldwide, with 150 events between April 2010 to Nov. 2010. Kunst has spoken in numerous synogagues, meetings, conferences and is an internatiional expert on these issues. There are many more events we covered but the above are the highlights.

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