Stephanie Mott

StephanieMott2bStephanie Mott is a transsexual Christian woman from Topeka, Kansas. She was born in Lawrence, Kansas and grew up on a small farm nearby with her parents, two sisters, and two brothers.  Her parents and brothers are gone and never got the opportunity to know her. Her sisters are very supportive of her journey. Stephanie has a twenty-year-old son, from whom she is estranged.

 Having struggled through all of her life with who she was, and trying to live as the male she was not, Stephanie discovered alcohol about the age of 18. The next thirty years were a downward spiral of alcohol and drug abuse that led her to homelessness at the age of 48.

 In November 2005, Stephanie made the decision to transition. Eight months later, she found Metropolitan Community Church of Topeka and began her life as who she truly was. She transitioned on the job in 2007. In February 2009, Stephanie was laid-off and set about looking for a job as a woman who was still legally a male. In May, she went back to college and in August, she began working as the office assistant in the Shawnee County Commission office.

 Today, Stephanie has an Associate of Arts degree in Human Services Management, and is about a 18 months away from her Bachelor of Social Work degree at Washburn University in Topeka. She writes a column for Liberty Press (Kansas’ statewide LGBT magazine – from 2008 through the present, and is also published on LgbtSr ( She is the author of My Long Walk Home, A Transsexual Journey, and a contributing writer for the newly released, A Waiting Room of One’s Own.

 Stephanie is the founder and executive director of Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project (, an organization that works to eliminate discrimination against transgender people and their families through education, and Kansas vice-char/Topeka chapter chair of Kansas Equality Coalition ( Last November, the Topeka chapter of KEC was responsible for the addition of protections for LGBT students and staff in the Topeka School District’s discrimination and harassment policies, and narrowly missed creating a domestic partnership registry for the City of Topeka. Stephanie also has a significant role in the addition of gender identity to the City of Lawrence anti-discrimination policy. She promises that 2012 will be a year to remember for LGBT equality in Topeka and throughout Kansas.

 She can be reached at


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