The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald| Publisher Emeritus, LGBT-Today

A recent story in the Washington Post caught my attention regarding a 28 year-old Google software engineer in Silicon Valley named James Damore.

According to the report, Damore attended a course on diversity training required by Google of all personnel who work for the company. Damore commented that he “definitely disagreed with” the conclusions the course made about treatment of women in the Google workplace calling it an “echo chamber” for authoritarian left-wing management that seeks to stop men from making sexual comments, trading sexual favors for promotions on the part of men seeking to satisfy their predatory instincts toward women.

An “echo chamber”? Is this some fool’s concept of men acting in strength of body as being “pragmatic” as Damore called it in his memo dated July, 2017?

Considering that women comprise 51% of the total population and workplace distribution, then by his own logic, women should be the ones who hold the power positions and men should be subservient to the feminine. Numbers are numbers and if you truly wish to be pragmatic and this workplace distribution is correct then all reasonable logic must conclude that women are indeed superior in numbers to men and should not have to put-up with having their ass grabbed or their supervisor suggest they have a “colleague” dinner engagement to discuss the woman’s future in the company when he already has the key to a hotel room in his pocket.

The entire attitude of today’s male population is rapidly regressing into hitting women over the head with a club and dragging them into a cave.

This isn’t how an enlightened civilization should act or even think. Women and men are both human and must denigrate themselves to the corporate and ravenous capitalistic situation of working for their living to begin with. Why should women have to spread their legs in that environment just because some ugly, beastly software engineer would prefer to use his supervisory capacity to get laid when most women say no to him everywhere else?

The Damore memo went viral in the alt-right movement and Google fired Damore for his sexist viewpoint that men should be allowed to do as they please with female employees just because it is their “nature.” Do women get a say in this considering there are more of us than there of them? Don’t women get enough crap in the workplace as it is?

While I readily admit that being stupid has become the hallmark of the age of Trump, why would any woman, regardless of her political or religious convictions wish to be treated as company property simply because men are so strongly possessed of the instinct to dip their wicks? Hey buddy; there is a nightclub down the street. Try using that attitude there and not in the workplace. Believe it when I tell you that there are plenty of stupid, beautiful women who will be glad to satisfy you if they look at you as a meal ticket. The women you work with are co-workers, not prostitutes and sex objects.

James Damore

A wise man I once knew told me a valuable axiom regarding this issue: “One must not fish in the company pond.” That holds true for both men and women. I personally do not believe in inter-working relationships. After nearly 62 years of life, I have seen these situations implode and cause the firings of both parties because of squabbling in the workplace when the relationship does not work out.

If a woman performs better than her male co-workers do then she deserves equal—not superior—consideration for promotions. No one is saying that women should surpass men simply because of their gender and no one is saying that prostitution to get ahead is right. Yes, I am aware that some women use their gender to get ahead at work, but that is wrong, too.

Go the back of the schoolroom Mr. Damore and place that pointed cap on your head that says “Dunce” on the front of it. Sit quietly and let some belching, beer drinking alt-righter give you a job where only men work in the high tech industry.

Oh, I forgot. Alt-righters are poor, dumb rednecks who do not own tech companies so I guess this time you’re the one who’s screwed.

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