Nelson1Nelson Mandela, or as he was known by his tribal name, Madiba, has left behind a legacy that’s very hard for modern day leaders to follow. He will be missed because he lead with his heart.
Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

Tonight, former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, passed away.

I have sat staring at my computer screen for the past hour trying to think of what to say. The official site of The Nelson Mandela Foundation said the following:

“No words can adequately describe this enormous loss to our nation and to the world.”

As I sit here with real tears streaming down my face, I have no idea why, but my mind is fixated on Morgan Freeman’s version of Mandela leading South Africa out of hate and a possible civil war and he does it through the national sport of rugby. I do hope Morgan will be at Nelson’s “Celebration of Life.”

As I posted the New York Times’ story about the death of Mandela a short time ago on Facebook, I wrote a small epitaph while I was still in shock and before the tears set in, so without running on for too long:

“The entire world has a reason to grieve tonight. Nelson Mandela not only brought South Africa out of Apartheid, but he also helped ratify a new constitution that gave complete and full equality to all LGBT people in his nation. He will be missed as an example of true leadership and compassion in a world that is almost devoid of such qualities.”

–Stephanie Donald Publisher,

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