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Stephanie Donald| Publisher-LGBT-Today

According to the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, just about all jobs will be manned by artificial intelligence by the time your grandchildren are ready to enter the job market 40-45 years from now.

The most complex human game in the world is one called “Go” and up until now, no computer system has ever been able to beat a professional human player…up until now. A team of British programmers and developers has managed to do just that.

According to other sources, even the professions now manned by doctors and nurses will drop by the wayside within that same period of time. Many recently developed computer programs have already beat just about every specialist at diagnosing human illnesses and injuries within minutes instead of weeks or months as is the case with many medical patients nowadays.

What would you do if you suddenly found out that you couldn’t even get a job at Walmart or the grocery store because the shelves are being stocked by A.I. machines and the cashiers and even management were rendered obsolete?

When I was a small child and the new advent of computer systems was exploding upon the business world that computers might be capable of doing most human clerical and management tasks within the next few coming decades everyone freaked out and worried that their jobs would simply go away and they would be left penniless. There were TV situation comedies that dealt with the subject and showed how badly machines might mess things up, but the creators of the new wave of A.I. machines now claim that these machines are more intelligent and will never say no even to the most menial task.

Meanwhile, the nation states of this planet are dealing with the situation while the United States tries to move in the opposite direction.

Many nations are working toward solving this issue that even the White House Council on Economics recently (May 31, 2017) said would be a reality in the next half-century. They’ve instituted a program of giving each citizen a guaranteed monthly stipend from the government. They found that by giving everyone an even amount, there was no need to fund programs like welfare, food stamps or housing assistance. Switzerland led the way by giving each and every citizen (including immigrants) a guarantee of $2,800 a month whether they worked or not.

Since the press can’t get a straight answer out of Trump and we already recognize that the GOP has declared a war on the poor, you could imagine what he might say about such a proposal.

“Very bad. Very, very bad.” His fat face would mock the poor with his affluence.

We can’t halt progress. As a matter of fact; we seem to embrace new technologies as they ease the way life is lived, but is there a limit?

As it comes to mind, the only situation that could ease the coming years would not just be the government paying a monthly stipend, but doing away with the concept of money altogether.

Yes, yes, I know; there’s the evil word “socialism” in there, but think about what the world would be like if there weren’t something like money in it?

Like Letterman’s Top 10 List, here’s mine to argue for socialism:

  1. There would be no crime. What would someone benefit by robbing someone else when they can get anything they need for free?
  2. Healthcare would no longer be an issue of contention. Every doctor and nurse is either an android or hologram or both. What would they do with money, unless we classify androids and holograms as “people” and due an equivalent salary?
  3. Education would be free and all knowledge would be at the fingertips of anyone who wanted it.
  4. The one thing where robots don’t seem adequate is in the field of exploration, although that might even change, but for now, human beings seem lit up with anticipation at the prospect of manned exploration of our solar system and the search for other intelligent lifeforms elsewhere in the galaxy.
  5. No money means no world economy. No world economy means less reasons to become involved in war or terrorism. A global government would mean one rule for the entire planet under a gentler and more rational leadership. Imagine how humanity could benefit from alliances in citizen concepts and technologies with more ancient societies in the universe? The possibility is staggering and fires the human drive to explore.
  6. Everyone on the planet would be on equal footing, meaning that the Robber Baron system that’s been in place since the late 1800s when industrialism exploded would collapse and all property would be redistributed to everyone.
  7. While intelligent machines might take the jobs, someone needs to control them, supervise them against malfunctions and design new ones that are more advanced. That doesn’t mean they get paid, but they certainly would serve a growing need for those professions.
  8. Humanity would shift from capitalism to a more agrarian society slanted more to the needs of feeding people, generating low cost renewable energy sources and materials for production. We could truly evolve into our potential if we can shed the juvenile concept of a cash based society.
  9. The pull and tug of industry upon the environment would simply vanish with every human suddenly turned back toward living in conjunction with nature instead of trying to kill it at every turn. (Thanks to The Donald for showing how stupid climate change deniers can really get.)
  10. The final and lasting point is that we can finally develop relationships with our neighbors instead of distrusting their motivations and intentions. If everything is free then artists, musicians, poets, writers and actors are free to flourish and to demonstrate how much better the world is without the albatross of money hanging around our necks.
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