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Vladamir Putin’s KGB ID photo.

You would not be wrong to assume so and Donald Trump isn’t in this alone. The majority of the GOP in Congress and the Senate are duplicitous in Trump’s rapid takeover of a tyrannical oligarchy much as Russia now suffers under Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Actually, there may be no way to tell where Putin ends and Trump begins at this point. Trump is not only covering up his own treason, but the external meddling of Putin and his army of armchair hackers and disinformation specialists, otherwise known as “propagandists”.

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Adolph Hitler in one of his winding speeches about xenophobia and nationalism.

We all heard the stories building up to the election of 2016 about Trump being a fastidious student of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi movement, watching Hitler deliver speeches on film that had been converted into video. He would play the speeches and imitate both Hitler’s movements and inflections along with Hitler’s brashness and vulgarity.

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Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader and Donald Trump’s protagonist.

Our current nationalist trend follows the rise of Hitler, the Nazi Party who used lies delivered as news to the people of Germany, that same technique is now an established tactic in the United States and other nations around the world inflicted by Russia and North Korea.

The rise of right-wing nationalism seems to be a harsh reality all over the world. The shooter in Italy was sound proof that the philosophies of Hitler and Nazism are alive and well in living in your neighbor’s homes.

It is easy to hate. It does not take much practice and it is human nature to seek blame upon anyone but ourselves. It is so much easier to problems around you, but not in your own actions.

This country lived through its own dark period of slavery and the resulting civil war that ripped the nation down the middle. The era Related imageof Reconstruction gave us no relief in the form of Jim Crow laws that still maintained that African Americans were an “inferior” race and that white men ruled this land. Even in the Northern and Western areas of the country, there was a predominant attitude of racial bigotry. Whether you are white, black, yellow or brown, humanity has a prevalent tendency toward hating anything that isn’t the same as they are in any way, shape, form, or tradition.

This may explain why motion pictures of invading, hostile aliens from outer space make so much money because how can we trust something or someone not born of this world when we cannot even trust people from different races, languages, religious dogma or traditions.

As I said; it is easy to hate, but understanding takes some effort to try to understand those who are different. Understanding is only one leg in the journey. You must also accept that which you do not understand even if you do not necessarily understand what those traditions and customs are. Diversity is key to the future evolution of humanity.

In fact, this current era of xenophobia and intolerance seems to be a last ditch effort of the mentally dim to destroy a centuries Image result for armageddonold march toward humanism.

We must restore sanity and humanism or the human race will doom itself to Armageddon.

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