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Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

With our community still reeling from the hate-crime/mass-murder at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, there is one issue that no one is talking about.

It appears that Omar Mateen was in fact gay and participated in many gay dating phone apps and was a frequent visitor at Pulse for many months prior to the attack he perpetrated.

Okay, let’s accept for a moment that he was gay. That begs the question as to why he would travel from Port St. Lucie, Florida to Orlando when West Palm Beach and Ft. Pierce has a variety of LGBT nightclubs and is much closer.

That question leads to another one; why would Mateen attack his own community?

Several decades ago I wrote an article for GayToday about inner homophobia. In that article I wrote that there was no greater enemy, no more urgent reason why people in our community take their own lives, than inner homophobia. If a person who is gay travels to faraway gay bars then chances are that he/she is trying to hide who they are from those who know them closest in their every day lives.

Internalized homophbia is a term that you don’t often hear anymore, but it still applies today just as much as it did in the late 1990s.

Internalized homophobia is defined as:

Homophobia is fear of, or hostility towards, homosexuality and internalized homophobia is the presence of these feelings within oneself.ihA graff representing the imapct of both externalized and internalized homophobia and how people react.

No minority group suffers from a hate of themselves other than the LGBT+ community, yet no one has addressed the cause of this mental disorder, nor come up with a way to combat it.

The issue of stopping self-hatred by stopping external homophobia, coupled with gun control, is the two major subjects that will stop this war upon the LGBT+ community.

Religion has a direct effect on internalized homophobia, so we need a federal law that bans all hate speech, like the one Canada has. Do you see any shootings like this in Canada? Nope! Because even talking about hurting another minority is a federal crime. Here in the United States, it’s just another Presidential campaign stump speech.

This weekend on John Oliver’s Last Week, the subject of gun control came up regarding the Pulse Shooting. Oliver showed several film clips regarding attempts to enter the issue of gun control. The clips showed Congressional and Senate hearings of the past that tried to take on the (pardon the pun) hair-trigger issues that the NRA has seemingly complete control over. The hearings showed a vote (for example) to repeal the 1996 Dickey Amendment which bans governmental agencies from spending federal money on researching the issue of gun control. The votes clearly showed a majority for repealing the Dickey Amendment, yet after the votes were verbally heard, the chair of the finance committee said the “no’s” had it. It was clearly indicative that the U.S. government refuses to live with even one foot in reality.

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Last Week with John Oliver takes on the issue of gun control after Orlando nightclub shooting

Gun-ControlNot only does the American public refuse to see facts as they are, but our own community is now advocating gun ownership among the LGBT peoples, a philosophy that will do nothing more than get more people killed when everyone begins trying to catch someone like Omar Mateen in a triangulated crossfire and suddenly realizes that they didn’t account for the guy on the other side of the room who is also shooting at the perpetrator and winds up killing people who are trying to stop the murder because they thought that other guy was another member of the shooter’s gang.

I’m not chiding here. People are really dumb enough to kill other people with guns who are thinking the sameCAT1-300x225 thing they are: Shoot everyone who has a gun. The issue of gun control could never be clearer if they put a handgun up their nose and pulled the trigger to see if it’s loaded. The average American is now too dumb to own or control a gun.

As John Oliver said; “If you truly want to stop the control of the NRA you’ve got to show up every fucking day.” Good advice from one of the funniest men on TV today.

We’ve got to do the same thing for the full equality of the LGBT community. If we don’t then shootings at our community will become a day-to-day event.

We need three things in order to solve this issue: Gun control, full equality and the banning of hate speech.

A healthy dose of self-worth wouldn’t hurt us either.

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